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Women with thigh fat should not just concentrate on toning exercise. The secret to losing leg fat and getting slim and curvaceous thighs actually is a combination of healthy diet, strength training and cardiovascular exercises. Usually, thigh fat occurs because of a sedentary lifestyle and eating too many calories. By making a few lifestyle changes, women can burn fat off their thighs and end up with toned thighs. Here are some ways that can help women lose thigh fat.

Decrease calorie intake

One of the main reasons for thigh fat is consuming more calories than what the body requires. The additional calories get deposited as fat all over the body, including the thighs. While exercise does help to burn the fat, it is not sufficient. Hence, a woman wanting slim thighs should concentrate on reducing her calorie intake coupled with regular exercise.

Dietary changes

Eat food that burns fat off your thighs by increasing the body's rate of metabolism. Try to include salmon twice a week in your diet. Apples help to increase the rate of metabolism, while fruits like berries help to enhance circulation to the muscles. Reduce saturated fats intake and stop consuming greasy and oily food. Instead, switch to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meat. When eating meat and fish, try baking or roasting, rather than frying.

Toning exercises


Begin with thigh toning exercises. One of the best ways to get toned thighs is doing complete squats with the help of an exercise ball. Check out websites or consult an instructor to learn the correct technique. Do thigh toning workouts at least three times a week to get slim thighs.

Leg circles

Another thigh toning exercise that will help you to get slim inner thighs is leg circles. In this exercise, moving the legs clockwise and counter clockwise while lying flat on your back will help to burn fat off the thighs. This will also help to tone your bum.

Cardiovascular activity

Include cardiovascular activity in your toning workout. This will help to enhance your metabolism and burn fat at a faster rate. You can do high-intensity workouts that are fun and enjoyable, such as jogging, rope jumping, swimming or playing tennis.


Make sure that any toning workout is done under the guidance of a qualified instructor. If you suffer from health-related issues, consult your GP before starting out. Also, consult a dietitian before making any dietary changes. The dietitian will be able to guide you correctly so that you do not suffer from nutritional deficiencies in your attempt to get toned thighs.

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